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El País opens submissions for the Ortega y Gasset Awards for Journalism 2012


Premios Ortega y GassetThe Ortega y Gasset Prize for Journalism, named after one of Spain's greatest thinkers and sponsored by El País, is now in its twenty-ninth year. The awards, the most prestigious in Spanish journalism, will recognize the best work published in 2011 in any country in the Spanish-speaking world. Applications must be submitted by March 31 in one of the following categories: print journalism, digital media, graphic journalism and outstanding career. The results will be made known before April 30 and published in El País.

The category of print journalism covers the fields of investigative journalism, reports, articles and opinion pieces. Candidates are required to submit two original copies of the publication in which the work appeared.

 In the digital media category, candidates should submit their work after completing the form available online at award recognizes the most outstanding work published on the internet.

In the category for graphic journalism, candidates should submit copies of their work, duplicate on CD or DVD, and one copy of the magazine or newspaper where their photographs have been published.

Candidates for the award for Outstanding Career in Journalism will be considered after submission of two copies of the proposal detailing the merits of the individual or media being put forward.

The prize money is 15,000 euros in each category and each winner also receives a commemorative sculpture by Eduardo Chillida.

Last year, the Ortega y Gasset awards recognized the work of Nicaraguan journalist Octavio Enriquez, for his articles on Tomas Borge, former Interior Minister of Nicaragua in the print journalism category. The Salvadoran journalist Carlos Martinez D'Aubuisson, author of the blog El criminalista del país de las últimas cosas, was awarded first prize in the digital media category. Best photo was won by EL PAIS photographer Cristóbal Manuel for his image of the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake Joven paseando desnudo por Puerto Príncipe. And Moises Naim received the award for Outstanding Career in Journalism.

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